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Worn by the association with popular educational vocation ABC’éditions Ah, Bienvenus Clandestins ! the proposal is to initiate exchanges, between reflexions and actions, that would require, for the least, the presence of linguists and specialists of the IT tool (software creators, designers of interactive sites etc.)


Construction of a People's University of biodiversity without borders:
Around Article 71* of the Ecuadorian Constitution guaranteeing the rights of nature, declared Mother Earth (PachaMama), we are seeking, in the entire world: speakers, contributors and participants, places of intervention, financiers, bibliographies, online documents, movie testimonies, video conferences, contradictory surveys, made or to be made, the whole in a university course of intercambios (Assessable in biannual credits per accumulative seasons in the year.)

Notes on the Popular university of the biodiversity without borders:
Free               access

This university program should be free in the sense that no one should have to pay and nobody would be paid. Only member structures should be able to allow the financing of investment and operation (logistics, meals, accommodation, teaching materials ...). Only curiosity and concern of their environment should encourage the participation of everyone in the cities and villages where activities        would take      place.

The activities would obviously be displayed according to the same criteria of rigor, logic and referencing as in universities. These activities would be varied: observations in situ, testimonies, workshops and seminars, video conferences, according to disciplinary progressions to be established per semester on a two-year cycle leading to a certificate of completion of studies on biodiversity.

Independence towards the state authorities: the work and conclusions will be concerned with the interest of the largest number. It is the Common Good and the "well living" (rather than the “good life” that translates too literally the expression “buen vivir”) that will allow, provided they are established, any criticism of formal arrangements. It will thus be possible to put into perspective the potential and limitations of such protocols as Nagoya 2012.

Prospective partners:

Association Kokopelli :

Caravane de la souveraineté alimentaire : Himar Gil Camacho

Citoyens du Monde :

Confédération paysanne :

Les Colibris :

Les Épilobes : ferme dans le parc national des Écrins, en France :

France-Libertés : pour l'eau

Força è Coragem :

Herbalistes sans frontières :

Mouvement UTOPIA :

Parc Yasuni I-T-T :

Peuples solidaires :


Consultation populaire sur l'agriculture et sur l'alimentation :


Ministères de l’Environnement :

-          Équateur :

-          France :



*Article 71 of the Constitution of Ecuador: “Nature has the right to exist, to maintain its vital cycles, structure, functions and its evolution processes. Any person, community, people have the ability to ask any public organisation the recognition of the rights of nature. The application and interpretation of these rights will be based on the principles established by the Constitution.
(Information: /; Court Decision: http://mariomelo.files.wordpress. com/2011/04/proteccion-derechosnatura-loja-11.pdf ; Comment: : )


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